Patient Journey

First contact

Call the practice where there is a small friendly team who will answer any questions that you have if for any reason they can’t answer your questions on the day they will refer to Dr Gary Beneke who will return your call with the information that you request.

Information about parking, directions to the practice.

Due to an extensive understanding of the facial nerves and muscles as well as their movement, he is well qualified and placed to perform cosmetic treatments in this highly sensitive area.

At each step we will try to understand what it is that you like and dislike, at an individual level after all we are all different.

During the discussions you should feel at ease, at ease as we come to understand you and any concerns that you may have.

First visit

At the first visit we will take detailed medical history and discuss what it is you would like to achieve by visiting us if necessary we will take x-rays and photographs and study models full Oral Health Examination which will include the following:

Image module
  • Oral Cancer Screening by examining the soft tissue lining of your mouth.

  • Periodontal examination to establish the health of your gums.

  • Clinical examination of your teeth.

  • Clinical charting of your existing restorations.

  • Examination of your bite and chewing efficiency.

  • Examination of your lymph nodes and salivary glands.

  • X-RAY examination of your teeth.

    • Sometimes we will discuss whether or not you need specialist intervention.
    • The first contact will allow us to get lots of good information from yourself about your needs or cosmetic  requirements as everything we will be aimed to fulfill your requests. Perhaps bring along some photos which might help us to visualise your requests.

While dermal fillers and surgical procedures such as brow and eyelid lifts can tighten the skin and muscles around deep facial lines, they do not address the underlying muscle pull, which eventually deepens the facial wrinkles. So for dynamic facial lines from overactive muscles of the upper face, Botox® (Vistabel® or Azzalure®) are usually the best treatment.

Treatment visits

Treatments for nervous patients can be provided under intravenous sedation by an anaesthetist.

All subsequent treatment, except emergency dental treatment, is planned ahead of time in order to enable us to provide pain-free treatment using local anaesthetics and various types in a comfortable professional environment.

Ongoing care after first visit

After treatment
We would aim to monitor and maintain treatments and your oral health.
Reminders and recalls
Are set an individual basis and each appointment will have a text or email reminder

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